Terre Bentivoglio

Azienda Agricola Terre Bentivoglio is located on top of the hills of the Municipality of Santa Giuletta in Oltrepo Pavese in the Lombardy region.This territory covers about 2000 km2 south from river Po, to exactly stand between the region of Piedmont region West and Emilia Romagna region East, moreover, the boarder into Liguria is far only a few kilometres from the southernmost point of Oltrepo Pavese.

Despite the colonization of this area by the ancient Romans goes back to the 3rd Century BC, its official establishment was attested in 1164 AC, when the Emperor Federico I allowed Pavia to appoint the consuls of locations in the Province of Pavia, in such a way Oltrepo Pavese acquired for the first time political and administrative authority.In the following centuries, this territory was split into several fiefdoms, that explains the presence of many medieval castles which still exist today. In a second moment, during the 10th century AC the area was included in the Duchy of Milan, subsequently it passed into the possession of Spain, Austria and later, Oltrepo Pavese became part of Duchy of Savoy in Piedmont until 1861, when it was readmitted to the Province of Pavia thanks to Italy’s unification.

From a geographical point of view, Oltrepo Pavese shows heterogeneous landscapes, indeed, it encompasses a flat area close to the river Po, where the cultivation of cereals and sugarbeet is predominant; a mountainous area, where many small farmers produce cheeses, cold cuts, fruits and honey; and a hilly area where the most important economic activity is carried out: the cultivation of vine.

The wine-growing tradition of the Oltrepo Pavese has its roots back in the 1st century BC, indeed, the Etruscans, during their expansionary period, were the first to introduce this activity in the territory. The viticulture has been consolidated over the centuries thanks to the territory and the climate which are considered perfect for this type of cultivation and hence, they help to make this area extremely suitable for wine-growing and vinification.

Even from the oenological point of view the Oltrepo Pavese can be defined particularly diverse, in fact, the vine varieties which find themselves in the perfect conditions for growing are numerous, the most spread are: Croatina, better known as Bonarda, Barbera, Pinot Nero, Riesling and Moscato, while other varieties, like: Pinot Grigio, Malvasia and Chardonnay, despite are cultivated in smaller quantities, they significantly contribute in making wines from Oltrepo Pavese high-quality products.

At the present time, about 70% of Lombardy’s wine production comes from precisely this area, where more than 30 vine varieties are DOC and in 2007 DOCG has been assigned to the Spumante Oltrepo Pavese Metodo Classico. Finally, Oltrepo Pavese represents the third largest area planted with Pinot Nero in Europe.