This is a summary of the story of four generations, with commitment and dedication, have strongly believed in and wanted the growth and development of the family, leading her to overcome the economic difficulties resulting from the two world wars and consolidating it during the economic boom that followed the second war.


In 2014, one of Enzo’s two daughters , Beatrice, goes into the family business.


In 1995 the “Cantine Pirovano” invested in the purchase of vineyards in Oltrepò Pavese, supporting the commercial activity to production. Name of a vineyards is “Terre Bentivoglio”, which means - love the land - .


In 1989, coinciding with the expansion of business, it started the construction of new operating areas in order to transfer, in 2002. The company abandoned its historic home located in the center of the town.


In 1980, Costantino’s eldest son, Enzo, joined the company.


Later on the company’s management passed to Constantino’s sons (Amadio and Ambrogio) and in the 50’s  two of Amadio’s five children ( Costantino and Fausto)  changed the company name in «Cantine Pirovano s.n.c.»


Then, in 1910, the 2 brothers started a small wine cellar for named "Antonio Pirovano e F.lli".


His sons (Antonio and Costantino) continued their father’s business, until they decided to transform the inn into a trattoria. They also decided to extend the range of wines, so they had new suppliers in Abruzzo and Piedmont.

Around 1850

The anchestor Amadio Pirovano was a shoe maker, but his passion was wine. So, he decided to close his activity and to open a tavern. Wine was bought from small farmers in Puglia (South of Italy).